Friday, July 12, 2013

I am an Aquarian

I am an Aquarius "The Water Bearer" with the inner need to be near water. The lake is my happy place and being a Canadian has made that difficult with lakes frozen for half the year!

My vision for our backyard as we attempt to turn it into our little haven, has always included a water feature or fountain.

ha·ven  (h


1. A harbor or anchorage; a port.

2. A place of refuge or rest; a sanctuary.

I just found the above definition fitting as the theme for our backyard is “The Lake”. Long Point. Many memories growing up there on weekends. My parents had a boat at the Marina, my grandparents had a cottage on the channel, my sister worked at the Campground (as she grew up in this beautiful place).

So without much money raised from our yard sale, I didn’t know if this vision would come true. Which is why I had such a great day yesterday with the bargains I found! So first as I asked the guy in the back of Rona about the scratch and dent box, I was excited to see it full of 4X4’s – not very big but they could really work for the right price! “How Much are the pieces?” I asked. “Well I’m not sure” he said “that’s just my garbage stuff”. I played it cool then replied “Hmm, well I guess that it should just be free then?” I tried not to let the desperation be heard in my voice.

He told the lady at the gate to let me load up whatever I wanted from the box. I turned to my friend and said “Start the truck!! Start the truck!!” – Yes, my IKEA commercial moment. Here was the score:



I only spent $6 on a can of spray paint and we got this load home and sorted neatly where it can be now used to build things in my backyard. Now if I could just afford a water feature. God also blessed me with these sale items later that night:


Half Price! and the spitting Koi was also marked down from $39 to $ it looks like this could happen after all!
Now if I could just find a man willing to dig a big he is contemplating that idea:

 I also must add the awesome moment shared with my husband at one of our favorite places. The Double Decker Ice Cream bus. The best ice cream sandwiches in the world!


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  1. LOVE your find and the visual of you running for the vehicle ;) Can't wait for photos when you are done. Had to give up our indoor water fountain because the cats were drinking from it and their fur plugged the water pump :)